EU Urges Israel To Share Jerusalem with Palestinians - Tuesday the European Union urged Israel to share Jerusalem with the Palestinians as part of the Middle East peace agreement and make the holy city as the capital of both countries.

Reaffirms that the Israeli government's attitude is starting now, the EU foreign ministers declared that true peace requires solving the status of Jerusalem through negotiations.

Refuse annexation of the eastern part of the city, they insisted EU statement "will not recognize any changes to the borders before 1967, including about Jerusalem, unless the change is approved by the parties".

Israel seized the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan in the 1967 Six Day War and later annexed East Jerusalem and the region-daeah adjacent suburbs, the action never recognized internationally.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ruling in March stating that Jerusalem would remain "capital that can not be divided" from the Jewish state, and often ignore, including the future of the city in peace talks.

His predecessor, Ehud Olmert, has said Israel would release some parts of the city was based on a comprehensive peace berjanjian.

U.S., EU, Russia and the United Nations considers all of Jerusalem status as one of the main issues to be resolved when and if the peace talks began again between Israel and the Palestinians based on the so-called "two-state solution".

The status of Jerusalem - holy city for three religions - has always been a very sensitive issue in the Middle East peace process. Palestinians want the eastern half of the city as the capital of a Palestinian state in the future in the West Bank and Gaza.

The ministers warned that the EU has never admitted the capture of East Jerusalem. They urged Israel to return to halt settlement construction and end perlakuaan "discriminatory" for Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

EU statement welcomed the part of Israel's actions, while in the development of freezing settlements as a first step in the right direction and hoped it would help restart the stalled talks since 2008.

The statement also welcomed the Israeli move to stop the movement restrictions on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank by removing roadblocks and military checkpoints on some roads


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